Can U Get Pregnant While You Have Yeast Infection

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    How to get rid of yeast infection while trying to get pregnant?
    I have had yeast infection before while pregnant. It's different now and I am not sure if it is yeast infection. When I have sex there is some white stuff, kinda sticky that comes out and ends up on his penis. What can anyone tell me about it, and if it is yeast infection how can I treat it without having to stop trying for a baby. Please help!!!

    • ANSWER:
      I think the best way for you to get rid of it would be to go to the OBGYN and get the diflucan (1 pill cures it) Home remedies that I heard may help is putting Greek non flavored yogurt in the tampon dispenser and inserting it into your vagina. I would always take probiotics like acidophiles and get plenty of yogurt.

    What yeast infection medication cover the counter can i use while pregnant?
    I've been on an antibiotic for a cold for about a week now and i got a yeast infection from it i know its a yeast infection because ive had many before. I'm 28 weeks pregnant i was wondering if there was any OTC yeast infection creams i can use while pregnant? I've tried making an Same day appt with my OB doctor but can't get one till next week and i need something to help me now. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      In the U.S., any of the over-the-counter stuff is perfectly safe to take. Monistat or the off-brand with the same active ingredient is most often recommended. Just a thought, in pregnancy the one-time dose stuff often does not work, you end up needing a longer dose. So I would recommend trying the 3-day stuff and seeing if that does it.

    has anyone gotten pregnant while having a yeast infection?
    hello everyone, i was just curious about a yeast infection.. can u get pregnant while u have a yeast infection. because i know you can get them while your pregnant..

    • ANSWER:
      It is best to not have sex while having a yeast infection as you can pass it to your partner. However, having a yeast infection does not stop ovulation, so there is no reason that a woman could not get pregnant during a yeast infection. If she has unprotected sex, she could still get pregnant.

      best wishes..

    Is it ok to treat a yeast infection with yogurt while pregnant?
    I am currently pregnant and will be 9 months May 15th. Before I was pregnant I had a couple of yeast infections and treated them with the whole yogurt on the tampon remedy and it helped to cure it, but is it safe to do this while being pregnant? And if not are there any other home remedies that you could do to treat it thats safe for me and my baby?

    • ANSWER:
      I had thrush whilst 8 months pregnant. I phoned my GP and he said it was safe to use a Canestan Pessary which I did. Baby was fine and infection cleared straight away. Speak to your GP.

    Whats the best way to keep a yeast infection away while pregnant?
    I am 20 weeks pregnant and I have a yeast infection. I went to the obgyn and they said to put creams on it and eat lots of yogurt, but most the time the creams don't help. I was also wondering how much yogurt I should eat a day to help keep it away?

    • ANSWER:
      check out this site - they have good info and good luck!!

    How can I prevent getting yeast infections while pregnant?
    I'm 13 weeks pregnant and have had 2 yeast infections so far. Is there anything I can do to stop getting them?

    • ANSWER:
      oh darling... I know exactly what you mean.. I am already 26 weeks and still get them.. what I do is I buy monistat.. it's something normal to happen when the woman is preg.... I've already had like 4 of them.. ugh! I heard yogurt was good.. eating one or two daily was good cause they have live cultures that help develope " good " bacteria.. ; ) good luck

    Is it okay to treat a yeast infection with over the counter medications while pregnant?
    I am 6 months pregnant. Is it safe to use monistat etc to treat a yeast infection, or do I need to see the doctor?

    • ANSWER:
      talk to your Ob/Gyn, just because you don't know what kind of infection it is and you may need to take a pill form of medication to treat it in addition to the vaginal cream. I had MULTIPLE infections during my pregnancy and sometimes he had me treat with a cream, others with a pill, and sometimes with both. It doesn't hurt to call. Good luck and CONGRATS!

    How to control yeast Infection while pregnant?
    Is there anyway can i stop getting yeast infection?why pregnant womens are getting yeast infection,any reason for that?

    • ANSWER:
      pregnancy and thrush seem to go hand in hand. This is because of the changes that are experienced in the vaginal environment—especially during the last 3 months of pregnancy—when you are at your biggest and most uncomfortable!

      These changes to the acid and sugar levels are responsible for giving yeast a favourable place to grow and it won’t always be possible to prevent them. However, you can try to cut your risk of getting yeast infections during pregnancy by following a few simple suggestions.

      Keeping the area clean and dry is important to prevent yeast infection while pregnant or not because we want to make the area less appealing to the yeast. As well, eating a proper diet to help keep your immune system strong will help you in your fight against yeast infection during pregnancy and keep your baby healthy. Also, because you are at risk of chronic yeast infections during pregnancy, it is highly possible that you have passed it on to your partner if you are having sex. Therefore, having your partner get treatment is crucial in preventing passing it back and forth.

      There are several treatment options available, though you should seek a proper medical diagnosis before proceeding with any treatment when it comes to thrush and pregnancy. As well, you have to consider the health of your unborn child when treating thrush and pregnancy friendly options need to be sought.
      Some of the symptoms that may be present with a yeast infection include:

      -Vaginal burning, itching, redness and swelling
      - White, thick discharge that may be odourless or smell similar to baking yeast
      - Painful or frequent urination (as though you need more of that when pregnant!)

      When it comes to thrush and pregnancy; using a treatment that is applied externally offers the lowest risk, though most natural remedies have not shown a risk either. Try consuming foods that will help you get your body’s environment healthier to fight off yeast is your best bet. This can be done by consuming cranberries or concentrated cranberry capsules. As well, yogurt containing live cultures is seen as the best natural cure for yeast infection and can be taken orally or applied to the affected area to offer soothing relief and healing.

    How to get rid of a yeast infection naturally while pregnant?
    I have a yeast infection and pregannt. I want to know if there is a way to get rid of it with out taking medication or medicated cremes. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Plain yogurt. No flavors. Betadine swabs. Cranberry juice to flush your system.

      Plain yogurt and betadine swabs work, I have personally used them. I cant vouch for cranberry juice as I have never tried it.

    What kind of yeast infection medicines should pregnant women use?
    I know pregnant women need to ask a doctor about medicines for a yeast infection, but is there even a problem for pregnant women to use something like monastat 7? Does a doctor have to be consluted first. I know it is recommended to do so, but I want to know if there was an over the counter medicine availble without a prescription.

    • ANSWER:
      You can safely use Monostat while you are pregnant. Follow the directions. You should also let your doctor know you have the yeast infection and what you used to treat it.

    Pregnant with a yeast infection; can wearing an unscented pantyliner make it worse?
    I am 21 weeks pregnant and have a yeast infection that doesn't want to go away. I'm on my second round of the 3-day regiment prescription cream given by my doctor; I can't stand how messy/smelly it makes my panties. I feel like I need to shower on the hour :S I've been using unscented pantyliners to keep my undies clean; could this possibly be making the infection worse?

    • ANSWER:
      If anything, it should be helping by keeping all the icky stuff away from your body and trapping the moisture a bit. If the infection doesn't begin to clear up in a day or so, you should contact your doctor and see if he/she can give you something a little stronger. Those creams have never helped me out one bit and I always end up having to take one of those Diflucan pills (which, by the way, are supposed to be safe during pregnancy.)

      P.S. You are never NEVER supposed to use tampons while you're pregnant, for anything. Definitely stick to pantyliners.

    Is it safe to treat yeast infection with otc monistat while pregnant?
    I am about 6 weeks pregnant and haven't been to my ob yet but I think I have a yeast infection. My first appointment isn't until June 9. Can I just use monistat? Or should I wait till I see her?

    • ANSWER:
      I'd recommend waiting. I know how aggrivating they are, but my doctor told me not to use the monistat and she gives me a prescription everytime i get one. If it gets hard to bare, call your ob and tell them whats going on, they may see you sooner or give you the ok about monistat.

    Can i get pregnant while i have a yeast infection?
    since a couple years i have a yeast infection and tried pessary but i still got the thrush and now i want to get pregnant?????? CAN I GET PREGNANT WHILE I GOT THE THRUSH :( ((((

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, though i would make sure it clears up before you have unprotected sex as you can pass the infection onto your partner, which will delay the time you can start trying for a baby.

    How to get rid of a yeast of infection quick! Late in pregnancy?
    Im developing a yeast infection and im 37 week pregnant doctor told me I can go anytime n that she thinks it will be within the next week. I DO NOT WANNA BE IN LABOR WHILE I HAVE A YEAST INFECTION! I have some cream that is a 7 day use but thats to long and they will not percribe me the pill that takes it away. Whatcha think?

    • ANSWER:

    Is this the start of a yeast infection?
    I used to get yeast infections ALL THE TIME! But I haven't had one in a while and I kind of forget what it's like. Well I found out on the 25th of July that I am pregnant. Last night I woke up at about 4 or so in the morning and went to the bathroom, I looked in my panties and there is a big circle [probably as big as a nickel] that was brown to yellow in color and it's there when I wipe. It had no bad odor [ i know it doesn't always] and I have no other symptoms {i know you don't have to} Is this a yeast infection starting?? I am really nervous because I don't have an appointment with my doctor til the 24th of this month. Should I try to go to my normal doctor for this? Will a yeast infection harm my fetus if I can't get to the doctor for a couple days or a week? Can anyone give me some reassurance?? Thank you!
    I'm not taking any kind of medication because some can harm the baby, I am not diagnosing myself with anything and trying to treat it with over the counter medicine. I was also thinking maybe my body is just cleansing itself out or something. I am definitly going to give the doctor a call.
    Honestly, how can a dark yellow be old blood. It's not old blood, because it's not a red brown, it's a dark yellow brown. I am just going to go to the hospital.

    • ANSWER:
      too me a yeast infection is a white clumpy discharge. has no color and no smell. I say before you treat yourself to canesten you should go see a doctor. Now Yeast infections are totaly normal and will not harm your baby. BUT i would get checked out before taking something for an yeast infection. GOOD LUCK

    has anyone gotten pregnant while having a yeast infection?
    hello everyone, i was just curious about a yeast infection.. can u get pregnant while u have a yeast infection. because i know you can get them while your pregnant..
    thanks alot, i just found out i had one, but i had unprotected sex multiple times last week and week before last..i thought it would prevent me from gettin preggo, but im clearing it up as of now

    • ANSWER:
      of course

    is the yeast infection clotrimazole cream safe while 33 weeks pregnant?
    im 33 weeks pregnant and have a yeast infection. the doctor told me to get an otc cream to treat it. i bought clotrimazole. im the type of mother that gets nervous about using stuff while pregnant. i did some research and it all shows it safe. any other opinions or help with this?

    • ANSWER:

    If you have a yeast infection can this affect getting pregnant? And can it affect a pregnancy test result?
    I got a yeast infection after having unprotected sex the first time in a while, and I was wondering if I took a pregnancy test, will it affect the results?

    • ANSWER:
      Can you get pregnant while you have a yeast infection? The answer is a big "yes". The fungus is not much of a threat to pregnancy. In fact, the condition is precipitated by it. This means that women have higher risks of acquiring yeast infection if she is pregnant. Although the fungus should be cured, it wouldn't pose much threat on the pregnant woman or the baby itself. So it really isn't a thing to be scared of; and most importantly, women should know that they can conceive even if they have the disease.

    How do i get rid of a Yeast Infection without medication?
    I am 8 months pregnant... I get yeast infections often.. i am wondering if there is anything other than medication to get rid of them...

    • ANSWER:
      Several things that can help, especially if you do them all the time or at the very first sign of an infection...

      1 -- Take acidophilus pills or eat yogurt every day. Just doing that will often get rid of an infection for me. And I did ask my doc about taking the pills while pregnant, and she said there shouldn't be a problem since it's the same stuff that's in yogurt.

      2 -- Keep the vaginal area as dry as possible. Wear panty liners if necessary, and change underwear frequently if you've been sweating or have a lot of discharge.

      3 -- After showers, be sure to dry yourself off very well, and use a hair dryer set on low (or cool) to help get the vaginal area fully dry before getting dressed.

      4 -- Limit the amount of sugar you eat.

      You may still need meds occasionally, but if you do these things, it should really help to minimize or eliminate your yeast infections. My gyn. recommended these to me several years ago, and it has definitely made a big difference.

    Has anyone successfully gotten pregnant while treating a yeast infection?
    We have been TTC for 6-7 months. Now I have a yeast infection. My doctor said it was ok to keep trying while i day the 3 day medicine....has anyone else done this?

    • ANSWER:
      I would wait until after the 3 day medicine let your body clean itself out

    Could having a yeast infection be a problem while trying to get pregnant?
    If you had a yeast infection would it be harder to get pregnant, or would it not affect it at all??

    • ANSWER:
      i got pregnant with my daughter during a yeast infection! We didn't want to stop trying - gross but true.

    Has anyone ever had a yeast infection while pregnant?
    I'm 31 weeks pregnant and today i went to he doctors and i told them how i had a milky discharge and how i was hurting,it turns out i have a yeast infection and he gave me a prescription for Terazol 7 0.4% cream. I was just wondering if anyone has had this problem before? See i've never had a yeast infection before and if this med don't work then i'm going to be worried as hell. Can it harm the baby?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, I currently have thrush and i've had it once before now and i'm 24 weeks! It's completely normal in pregnancy, which made me feel better as it's getting me down a lot! I don't think it causes any harm to your baby whilst you're pregnant, I think the problem starts when if you have a yeast infection and you give birth. I heard somewhere it can be passed onto the baby. Eat plenty of yogurt, that's what i've been told (the pro-biotic ones) as this helps restore the bacteria in your gut or something (either way it helps!). Don't worry about it, if it doesn't work then your doctor will probably prescribe it to you again :)

    Can your period start when you have a yeast infection?
    I've had a yeast infection for a few weeks now, and my period hasn't come yet and it's been 4 weeks since I last had one. I'm worried i might be pregnant, but my husband says that your period can't start when you have an infection. Or so he hopes. So, can my period start when I have a yeast infection?

    • ANSWER:
      Having or not having a yeast infection AND being or not being on your period are two completely separate events. One has nothing to do with the other.

      Yes, you can have your period, or you can start your period while you also have a yeast infection.

      Sorry to rain on your husband's parade. Good luck on both issues.

      John Jones, M.D.

    Is it normal to get multiple yeast infections while pregnant?
    I'm 25 wks and have had yeast infections constantly since I've been pregnant. Tried creams perscribed by doctors nothing helps. Been tested for STD's all negative. The only thing that came back positive is group B strep( bacteria that lives in digestive system and in vagina).

    • ANSWER:
      Yes! I am now 30 weeks pregnant and also have had multiple yeast infections where I live in Oz is currently experiencing 40 degree temperatures which has not helped. I found that putting cold yoghurt down there offers relief and yoghurt has properties in it that help the cause of the infection. The creams that I have i also put in the fridge to keep cool and I have found that this really helps. Other then that I am constantly in the shower wear cotton undies and always wash my clothing in an antifungal wash.

    Can you get a yeast infection from having intercourse while in the shower?
    I've heard that something with the water and having sex can cause a yeast infection. Is this true?

    • ANSWER:
      Well your info is not particularly good.

      So, if the right conditions exist you can get a yeast infection from: Non-venting clothes that cause moisture and warmth in your vaginal area
      Stress and a suppressed immune system
      If you're pregnant or diabetic - soap, detergent, powder
      antibiotics used to treat another ailment
      having sex frequently

      and this is just the tip of the iceberg. So water and sex???
      I don't think so

    How long does it generally take to treat a yeast infection?
    I'm due in two weeks and I think I have a yeast infection, I am going to see my doctor on Monday to find out. I hear it's unsafe to have a vaginal birth if you have a yeast infection and I don't want a c-section! Do you think it can be cleared up in time? I'm freaking out!

    • ANSWER:
      Depending on what type of treatment you use, it can take as little as 3 days. They make 1 step OTC treatments now. You should be fine. Your doc will discuss it with you on Monday. If you want to go ahead and do a treatment, go get one of the yeast infection tests that are out there. You should be able to get the test and treatment at Walmart or Walgreens. I would get the three day from Monistat to treat with because I know that one is safe during pregnancy. They really frown on using the oral treatments while pregnant.

      ETA: Vagisil makes a screening kit for yeast infections, and Monistat makes the 1 day treatment.

    Is This Normal For a Yeast Infection While Pregnant?
    Haven't had a yeast infection in a decade+ but now 39 weeks pregnant & have a bad one :(
    luckily the only symptom is itching!!! Which is probably the worst symptom! Anyway I've noticed little bumps & skin tag like bumps In the area. Us that normal for a yeast
    Inf.? I'm Hoping it's just skin irritation from itching-scratching! And Ive read developing small skin
    tags in pregnancy is quite common.....RIGHT?

    • ANSWER:
      Basically the reason you have a yeast infection is because there's an imbalance in your body. A healthy person has a balance between the yeast in their body and the good bacteria in their body.

      Too much yeast, you have a yeast infection. Too much bacteria, you have a bacterial infection.

      So, when you have a yeast infection you essentially have too much yeast in your body relative to the good bacteria. The natural way to treat it and bring back that balance is to starve the yeast and introduce more good bacteria into your body.

      Oh and BTW - That's why you often get relief from using the over the counter meds temporarily, and then the yeast infection comes back. The creams aren't changing the source of the problem. They are just killing the yeast they come in contact with, and not balancing the yeast/bacteria in your body and actually sometimes end up making things a lot worse.

      Oh BTW2 - That's also why many times you'll get a yeast infection after using antibiotics. Antibiotics kill all the bacteria in your body, the good and the bad. When that happens the balance between the yeast and good bacteria is off, and once again and you get a yeast infection.

      Things you can add to your diet (to help promote good bacteria) are live yogurt cultures (or take Acidophilus), plenty of water, fresh vegetables, lots of protein rich foods, whey protein, raw garlic, nuts, seeds, oils, millet, rice and oat brans

      Things you should remove from your diet (to starve the yeast) are all sodas, sugars, fruit, fermented foods, foods containing white flour, alcohol (especially beer), antacids and any product that has yeast or mold

      Changing your diet will definitely get you on the road to balancing the yeast and good bacteria, but what I would also recommend is to use a homeopathic solution to help naturally speed up the process.

      I always feel if there's a natural way to do something, then it's best to avoid the chemicals. I would look for an natural product, that can be taken orally to promote re-growth of the good bacteria in your body.

      There are a few out there, I think they are probably all pretty good. One that I have used and was very effective for me was is yeastrol.
      Best of Luck!

      Hope this helps and best of luck! :)

      If you're interesting in finding out more I've added a link that has some more info.

    How likely are you to get a yeast infection while you are pregnant? what are the symptoms?
    I really don't know what's going on down there. :( I asked a question lastnight about GBS (group b strep) but the answer I got made me think twice and I have no idea what is going on down there or possibly causing a yeast infection or how you get it. My partner and I shower before intercourse and after...& well on a daily basis. He's faithful & with me 24/7. (Literally) can anyone help?

    • ANSWER:

    could a yeast infection hurt a baby inside the cervix if the cervix is already dilated?
    im 38 weeks pregnant and i am almost positive that i have an yeast infection; i had one before while i was pregnant and im having all the same signs. im worried because im already 1 1/2 cm dilated if it could be harming my baby. they say it can harm the baby during labor but could it harm the baby now??

    • ANSWER:
      I had yeast infections near the end of my 3 pregnanciesand with all i was dilated up to 3cms weeks before i had them. I had a yeast infection with my little girl at 30 weeks. i had been in slow labour and was dilated 3 cms. i went into premature labour with her that night (nothing to do with infection). She had spina bifida and had no problems regarding my infection but see your doctor who may giveyou a course of antibiotics, dont worry and good luck with the end of your pregnancy

    Can you use over the counter vaginal suppositories for yeast infections while pregnant?
    I am 14 weeks pregnant and I have a very bad yeast infection that i believe came from an antibiotic that was prescribed to me,,, i bought some Miconazole but I'm just curious as to if you can take it while pregnant

    • ANSWER:
      -Eat yogurt. It contains helpful bacteria (live cultures, including acidophilus and bifidus) that destroy yeast. It also works when applied topically. Insert some into the vagina using a finger or plastic tampon applicator. Use only plain yogurt with active cultures.

      -Take lactobacillus/acidophilus supplements. Use according to the directions on the bottle.

      -Douche with a solution of 1 to 3 tbsp. vinegar in a quart of water. Repeat once a day while having symptoms, but no longer than a week.

      -Decrease or eliminate sugar and sugary foods. Sugar promotes yeast growth.

      -Use a garlic clove as a suppository. Garlic contains a natural anti-fungal agent. Peel a fresh clove, wrap it in gauze and insert it into the vagina.

      -Try gentian violet. It's a traditional remedy for yeast and other infections, and can be found in pharmacies. Swab the area with it once or twice a day. Make sure to use a thick pad - it stains everything.

      -Use an herbal douche. Combine equal amounts of sage, raspberry and comfrey with 1/4 part goldenseal. This can be combined with cider vinegar.

      -Use an over-the-counter yeast infection remedy. Apply as directed.

      I found an excellent article on this website about how a woman with yeast infections finally beat it --

    How long after becoming pregnant did you notice fatigue or a yeast infection?
    I'm not on birth control and my bf and I had sex 10 days ago without protection (pulled out) then yesterday the condom broke! I'm just paranoid but I noticed a yeast infection two days ago and today I must have slept forever, so paranoid!

    • ANSWER:
      Well I can only speak for myself on this one. With my first pregnancy I had 2 yeast infections. I am not sure what caused it but I did get it taken care of. I have never had a yeast infection in my life except for when I was pregnant with my son.

      I am currently pregnant again and the way I found out was because I was having the signs of a yeast infection. So I went to the store to buy the over the counter stuff and on the box it said if you are or could be pregnant talk to your doc first. So I went home and took a test and sure enough I was pregnant. So I had my husband take me to the Military Hospital. They confirmed my pregnancy and confirmed that I had a yeast infection. I got it taken care of.

      I am the only one that I know that has ever gotten yeast infections while pregnant. My doc. says it isn't un common for women to get them while they are pregnant but it isn't a sign of pregnancy either. In my case however it is. Weird I know.

      So I wouldn't say just because you have yeast infection you are pregnant. And if you noticed it then you should go to the doc to get it taken care of.

      If you feel you are pregnant then take a test it is as simple as that.

      Being tired is a sign of pregnancy but not 100%. It also doesn't mean you are pregnant. You could be tired because you are stressing out about the chance of being pregnant. Stress will make you tired and wears out your body.

      Good Luck and relax

    What exactly causes a yeast infection?
    As I sit here experiencing the worst one I've ever had, I get it makes me wonder about it. What exactly causes them?

    I know that sometimes taking anti-biotics can, but I haven't taken any. I also have heard that sitting around in a wet swimsuit also can, but not only is it the middle of February, I haven't had my pregnant butt in a swimsuit in a while.

    So, what is the correct medial explanation for a yeast infection?

    • ANSWER:
      A change in the pH balance of the vagina or a change in your hormonal balance weakens your system.

      Antibiotics and other medications can suppress the “good” bacteria in the vagina, resulting in a yeast overgrowth. Steroid therapy can cause this too

      Pregnancy and menstruation can increase glucose levels and/or alter the pH of the vagina so Candida can grow

      Diabetes can raise your blood sugar, which can cause yeast to grow rapidly.

      Staying in a wet bathing suit or wearing tight jeans or synthetic underwear, can create the kind of warm, moist environment that encourages yeast growth.

      Douching and wiping from rear to front can affect the vaginal area.

      A weakened immune system can also result in yeast overgrowth.

    Can you masturbate while your on monistat 7 curing a yeast infection and pregnant at the same time?
    My horny little cousin just called me and asked if something will happen to her baby if she masturbate while she is 8 months preggo and curing a yeast infection at the same time i know it is yucky but its a good question

    • ANSWER:
      It will not do any harm at all as long as she masturbates prior to insertion of the medication. This is because some women do secrete vaginal fluids when they reach orgasm and thus she might expel some of the medication.

      Masturbation and orgasm are actually good for a pregnant mother and baby. It helps relax mom and also any orgasms are felt positively by the baby.

      It's not yucky...just a part of life:)
      Good luck.

    I have bacterial vaginosis and a yeast infection at 35 weeks pregnant?
    The doctor just called me and said I had a yeast infection and BV...Im scared. I think ive had the BV for a while tho but I just thought it was alot of discharge and the weather being hot and all. Do you think I harmed my baby at all or does the mucus plug keep him safe from the bacteria?

    • ANSWER:
      As long as your cervix is still closed the baby should be safe, but make sure you get those treated right away!

    I'm 32 weeks Pregnant and was wondering can you use nighttime yeast infection medicine?
    I'm not dialated or anything but my doctor is out and don't want to see another one while she is gone. I know I have a yeast infection and was just wondering if you could buy over the counter yeast infection medicine to cure it?

    • ANSWER:
      well, of course you should always get medical advice. but when i was pregnant, and i had a yeast infection my doctor advised me to the use the over the counter monistat creams, and said it would be fine and safe. but i would call up the clinic if i were you and talk to a nurse, and see what they would advice, they may be able to prescribe you a pill to clear up the infection. good luck.

    What will happen to me and my baby if I take canesoral while pregnant?
    I am possibly pregnant and currently have a yeast infection, what will happen to me and my baby if I take canesoral to get rid of the yeast infection ?

    • ANSWER:
      Do not take CANESORAL if you are pregnant; suspect you may be pregnant or if you may become pregnant during treatment. CANESORAL should not be used during pregnancy as it may affect your developing baby.

    Can a pregnant woman take OVC yeast infection medicine?
    OK I believe I am having a yeast infection. Sex really hurts and I have a little discharge for any of those ladies out there who are pregnant or who have been. Please help. I dont have time to go to the Dr. until Tues and my husband really wants sex and it has hurt so bad for the last week. So can I take OVC yeast infection meds while I am 3 month pregnant?

    • ANSWER:
      your not suppost to take oral pills when your pregnant inless a doctor has gave them to you...the only over the counter stuff your suppost to take is like monistat and the cheap kind of monistat thats ok for pregnant women..because i just got over one and monistat is what i used..but it depends on how bad yours can also go to the emergancy room as long as the dr. knows your pregnant he can give you safe stuff to use..but dont take pills inless they say its ok..also you can call the a pharmacy like walgreens and they can tell you if its ok to take...but like the cream and stuff that you get from the store only gets to you not your baby..if you take pills that goes through the babys system too

    How To Cure A Yeast Infection While Pregnant?
    I am 6 weeks pregnant today, my vagina has been really irritated and itchy. I bathe daily and don't use anything scented so i don't know how this could have happened. Is there anyway to take care of this with home remedies just until i go to the doctors?
    Also can I have sex with this?

    • ANSWER:
      Hey. Yeast infections happen during pregnancy, you havent done anything to cause it. It is just part of pregnancy. Get a thrush cream from a pharmacy or wait until you see your doctor and ask him, there isn't really a home remedy for this. And yes you can have sex, it isn't contagious. The only problem is it might be a little uncomfortable for you. All the best xx

    what does a yeast infection feel like?
    I heard that a lot of pregnant women get yeast infections. I'm now 8 and half months pregnant and I think I have one but I'm not too sure. Someone told me that there will be a discharge but with being pregnant I have discharge already so I don't really know what I'm looking for. The inside of my vagina itches sometimes, mainly after sex, but there is no "funny oder". It's not an STD either so don't suggest that one.

    • ANSWER:
      The symptoms (you may not experience all of them):
      - white cottage cheese-like discharge
      - some odor
      - dryness (can cause bleeding)
      - digestive problems
      - itchiness
      - burning urination
      - painful intercourse
      - a feeling of just not being "normal"

      Here are some safe, natural cures you can implement.

      - avoid scented soaps
      - avoid sugars and complex carbs for a week
      - air out the infected area while you're sleeping at night
      - add grapefruit extract to your water during the day (balances hormones)
      - eat probiotics like cottage cheese and yogurt
      - shower frequently
      -drink lots of water and eat plenty of fiber to flush the infection

      For more cures, check out the link below:

    Does a yeast infection caused a missed period?
    I have had a yeast infection before. But now Im itching again down there and my period hasn't shown though I already went through pms last week. Two questions:

    1- can a yeast infection be the cause of my missed period?

    2-Can the internal vaginal procedures cause a Yeast infection? I went through a pelvic ultrasound and a HSG within two weeks of eachother about three weeks ago.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, a yeast infection can be related to a late period, but it's not necessarily the cause. (It could be hormone changes that cause the yeast infection AND the late period.) Before treating the yeast infection, take a pregnancy test, just in case! If you are pregnant, it would be best to discuss with a doctor before using anything over the counter -- some types of yeast infection medicine explicitly say not for use while pregnant, but you won't know that until you read the fine print inside after purchase!

    While using terazol is some of the cream suppose to come out?
    While using this to cure a yeast infection is some of the cream suppose to come out? I'm not even sure I'm applying it well, the first night I used it in the morning some of the cream came out and the other 2 nights the next morning nothing. I'm 30 weeks pregnant just wanted to make sure.

    • ANSWER:

    How often do urinary tract infections lead to miscarriages in early pregnancy? Are the chances high or low?
    I am asking this because I went for my first prenatal doctor visit and now I'm 7 weeks pregnant and just found out I have a urinary tract infection and yeast infection. I'm going to start taking the prescription tonight but I think Ive had it for a while now. I can't help but worry for my baby...

    • ANSWER:
      I didn't know I had one until it was in my bladder and I was urinating a visible amount of blood and it was starting in on my kidneys back when I was 7 weeks along. I'm 33 weeks 4 days now and my lttle girl is fine. So I wouldn't worry if I were you, especially if your doctor didn't tell you to.

    Can a yeast infection throw off your menstrual cycle?
    My period is 3 days late, I took 3 pregnancy tests and they were all negative. I did have a bad sinus infection this month, and took strong antibiotics which gave me a yeast infection that lasted for a while. I feel like I'm getting my period, I've had headaches and stuff, but I won't start bleeding, it's just white discharge right now. I haven't had much sex this month, and I used protection once and the pull out method the other time. What are my chances of being pregnant? Can a yeast infection throw off your period? Thanks! :)

    • ANSWER:

    Can a yeast infection throw off your menstrual cycle?
    My period is 3 days late, I took 3 pregnancy tests and they were all negative. I did have a bad sinus infection this month, and took strong antibiotics which gave me a yeast infection that lasted for a while. I feel like I'm getting my period, I've had headaches and stuff, but I won't start bleeding, it's just white discharge right now. I haven't had much sex this month, and I used protection once and the pull out method the other time. What are my chances of being pregnant? Can a yeast infection throw off your period? Thanks! :)

    • ANSWER:
      Same thing happened to me, no lie. However, not sexually active. Sorry can't answer your questions but just know that your not alone :) .

    How long do you wait to have sex after a 3 day treatment for your yeast infection?
    last night i started a 3 day treatment for yeast infection, when is it safe to have sex again?

    • ANSWER:
      You should wait at least until the treatment is done, and you are no long experiencing yeast infection symptoms. The reason for this is that you can give your partner your yeast infection if you have sex with him before the infection is completely gone.

      EDIT: I'd also like to add that if you are using condoms as your main form of birth control, having sex while you are using the treatment would be ill-advised as some yeast infection medications break down the latex condom, making it much more likely to break, making it much more likely for you to become pregnant.

    How can I have sex without the sperm giving me a yeast infection?
    My husband and I are trying to get pregnant and while I know that this does not prevent me from getting pregnant, its very uncomfortable and aggrivating. I know that yogurt and monistat are good to cure this, I would just like a solution to ending this problem. I am also now taking acidiphillous pills but I dont think its preventing this problem.): I have had this problem now off and on for about 2 months. Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      I have heard of couples passing yeast infections back and forth, so get your hubby to a doctor just in case that may help.

      One simple suggestion: make sure you pee shortly after sex. This helps use your body's natural fluids to clean any yeast out.

    How many ladies got a yeast infection around the time you got pregnant?
    I think I have a yeast infection .... (hurts down there and tender and red lots of white thick discharge smell) I am married and I know it is not an STD. We have not been very careful we use the pull out method and I know we did it around the time I ovulated. I was just wondering if many women had a yeast infection while in early pregnancy or before finding out they were?

    I started on Nov.19 and am due to have it on the 17 of this month

    • ANSWER:
      I got a yeast infection very early like right before I found out I was pregnant so I would say that the two could have a relationship as I have never had a yeast infection prior to this one, but that does not mean you are pregnant just just because you have a yeast infection. G'luck

    Can you hurt your baby from having a yeast infection?
    wekk i had a bacterial infection and it turned into a yeast infection. they gave me some meds for it and i asked her if i could have sex. she said yes. so i did. but did i hurt my baby by doing that. she said just use a condom and i should be fine but what do u think?
    oh yeah, is there anything that i can do from home to help the iching and burning. theres got to be something that i can do. please help.

    • ANSWER:
      the only way you can hurt your baby with a yeast infection is if you don't take care of it and you still have it when you give birth.

      you can transfer your yeast infection during birth from the contact with your baby.

      i think you're fine.

      there are some good, safe home remedies to give relief while pregnant.

    what if i had a yeast infection then my period and then a yeast infection again...could I be pregnant?
    I've been getting yeast infections every month about 3 months ago because of my birth control. I decided to stop taking them. last month I got a yeast infection randomly, for a week. Two days later got my period, five days later I am finishing my period and I feel that another yeast infection is coming. Could that be a sign of early pregnancy, even though I ha a normal period?

    • ANSWER:
      There are 2 good reasons to learn a bit about the causes of vaginal yeast infections. first, if you have recurring yeast infections, you can figure out what's causing them and then work to prevent them, rather than just working to kill the yeast every time they take over. second, if you know what kinds of things cause you to get yeast infections, you can be alert for symptoms and treat them early on with the generally-milder do-it-yourself remedies, rather than bombarding your body with drugs.

      Fungus Causes Yeast Infections

      The primary cause of yeast infection in woman is fungus - primarily Candida albicans. Along with some other types of bacteria, Candida albicans are usually present in small amounts in the vaginal area. However, the bacteria becomes a cause for concern when it multiples rapidly, becoming a yeast infection also known by the medical terms of candidiasis or monilia.

      Various Other Yeast Infection Causes

      Immune System: The biggest cause of rapid bacterial growth is the result of a lowered immune system. This occurs when you do too much, do not get enough sleep, or are sick. Reoccuring yeast infections can also be due to stress.

      Hormones: The body’s hormonal changes towards the end of the menstruation cycle can be another cause of vaginal yeast infection. Birth control and pregnancy are two other factors that could fall into the category of a yeast infection cause. In fact, during pregnancy, women can experience recurrent infections.

      Sex: While Candida infections are not usually thought of as sexually transmitted diseases, they can be passed onto your partner during sex through semen and other bodily fluids. Vaginal intercourse without adequate lubrication makes the situation worse.

      Antibiotics: Antibiotics are probably the leading cause of chronic yeast infection in American women. This happens with certain types of antibiotic or prolonged usage. Some women get yeast infections no matter what type of antibiotics they take or how long they use it. Unfortunately, there is no way of preventing an antibiotic-induced yeast infection. However, here are a number of treatments to take once it starts.

      Diabetes: Being diabetic or having elevated blood sugar levels can cause yeast to grow. This is primarily due to what is called uncontrolled diabetes mellitus.

      Factors That Encourage Yeast Infections

      Other situations may not be a direct cause but they may increase the likelihood of infection.

      * Hot, humid weather.
      * Tight or poorly ventilated clothing, including damp bathing suits or pantyhose.
      * Significant dietary changes, poor nutrition, and bad eating habits like junk food.
      * Frequent exposure to sperm and semen over a short period of time.
      * Douching washes away both healthy secretions and normal bacteria from the vagina.
      * Improper wiping from rear to front after using the toilet.
      * Sweating, which can also increase your pH level.
      * Menopause.
      * Some prescriptions, including those that contain steroids, such as Prednisone.
      * Poor personal hygiene.
      * Perfumed feminine hygiene sprays.
      * HIV infection.
      * Injuries.
      * Allergic reactions.

    Is it possible to get pregnant if I have sex with my boyfriend while he has a penis yeast infection?
    The first day of my last period was Oct 19th so I should be ovulating any day now. My boyfriend and I had sex on Monday and Tuesday but we found out that he has a penis yeast infection. Can I still get pregnant or does that reduce our chances ?

    • ANSWER:
      you could still get pregnant, but you are also goign to get that yeast infection, which is hard to dismiss with women. It could take a month until you are done with it. I think you should wait until the next time you ovulate. You wouldn't have to go through itchiness and pain for a month, and you would have a healthy baby. :)

can u get pregnant while you have yeast infection